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Frobelles: Hair Slay, Fun Play!

The Afro hair dress-up game!

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Our Founders' Story

Meet Alyssa & Yvonne, the London-based mother & daughter duo who created Frobelles - a dress-up game increasing representation of Afro hairstyles.


With over 80,000 downloads and counting, kids love learning the variety of hairstyles whilst playing with the game's characters.

My 1st thought was 'this is exactly what my daughters need to see'.

My eldest daughter EJ (who was 6 at the time), she instantly fell in love with Frobelles. EJ was questioning why none of her peers had locs like her - she came to the conclusion that her hair wasn't beautiful! When she saw the character Krista had locs, it made her realise how beautiful her hair was and she instantly saw herself in this character.

Evette, London

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